Illustrator : Concept Artist : Matte Painter

Head of Art : Head of Story : Animator

for Games/Film/Advertising/Animation


Concept Art, Environment Design, Matte Painting, Illustration, Traditional Animation, Animation, Keyframes, Mood Painting, Art Direction, Design, Storytelling, Production Design, Visual Development, Mentoring, Art, Production Painting, Marketing Illustration, Creative Direction, Concepts for Prototypes, Rough Layout, Painting over 3D renders, 3D, Photobashing, Painting from reference material, Set up Projection, Character Design, Speedpaintings, Portrait Paintings, Game Design, Concept Drawings, Storyboards, Animatics, Cartoons, Comics, Scenarist

Software: Photoshop/After Effects/Cinema 4D/Premiere

About me:

Hi, I´m a freelance artist and I was born in Bremen and living now in Marbach am Neckar. I have more than 20 years experience in different art of areas.

I studied at the ILS Caricature and Comic Drawing and the next Communication Design at the Hochschule Mannheim-University of Applied Sciences, with the focus Illustration and Animation.

My graduation work, an own Animation Film get the final grade very good.

My knowledge are rough sketches, concepts for different topics, sketches of ideas for game companies, concepts for visual effects for film, look dev, animation and animation development, great storytelling, science fiction worlds, spaceships, expressive characters, stations and something like that.

I love it to create photorealistic matte paintings and exciting, interesting environments for different topics. My Character Bestie was published in the 2D Artist Magazine.

I created cartoons for the Stuttgarter Newspaper and created concepts and characters for
advertisment and for example won the competition for concepts for the topic Europameisterschaft im Springreiten.

I created storyboards and layouts for short films and animated films and for Chaos in der Hanse my own animation film I worked as a Director. My film and my comic book was published at the Frankfurt book fair.

In Berlin I worked as Game Illustrator for a game company for 2 years. I created fantasy and historical games in different styles and for different topics and in Ulm, I worked as Lead Concept Artist for 3 years for a game company for historical games and I was responsible for a concept art team too.

Earlier I created walls and facades for companies for example SEAT and World of experience and
special for clients for rooms, walls, canvas…

In this time I was very active in the streetart area and I worked on my technic and skills.
I painted special in Bremen but I visited other cities for example Berlin, Chemnitz, Heidelberg… where I painted concept walls together with other artists.

Today I love it spontaneous too and it´s very interesting for me to create crazy and dynamic shapes and letters in my own style, where the movement is the important skill.

And I love it to create quick sketches thumbnail figures and spaceships too. 🙂